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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Liven the Life

What a great feeling to get back to Eureka to stay. This is something i have been dreaming about for years and here I am living in the middle of nowhere focusing on running dogs and surviving. I cant think of a better reality then that. Everything is up and running at the place and working fine. Had a little problem with the hand pump for well but, that is the great thing about living here you just make it work you cant jsut go to town to buy parts or a new one you just fix it with what you have. Luckly I am living at place that has a lifetime worth of accumulation so finding parts is fun. We are in town today to pick up mail and send some emails and then back out to run a team of dogs. All of my camera batteries were totaly dead so I did not get any pics of the place yet but i will get them charged up when I run the Generator to finish up the dog house project. the dogs are all looking healthy and strong on the 60 mile run to Rampart. I am going there 5 days a week know it is a great run but that gravel for the first 5 miles is killing the sled runners. I am going to try and build a sled for under the sled to go up over that gravel part, we will see how that works. it could be a little sketchy but I have to try. Had some crazy runs the other day trying out some new trails. Learned once again that i should not be going down new trails with a crazy 12 dog team, it was a wild ride survived for the most part a few bruses but that comes with the territory. So as you can read here I ma having the time of my life, hope all is well in your corner of the world. until next time


Monday, November 26, 2007


North Bound

Here we go!!!! I am all packed and have finished up everything in town, what a relief. Headed to bed for a few hours and then will head for Eureka around 3 am to get there for first light. This will give me the whole day to run two 30 mile runs. By some crazy miracle the sled runners that I have been waiting for showed up at my door at 9pm this evening, which in turn saves me a day, Way to go UPS man. and also allows me to get the race sled up and running for the first time this season. This is going to be awsome. I like my training tobaggon sleds but they just dont drive like the race sled. Ok to bed I will be headed to Manley at the end of the week and will update the blog with pics of the new place and current trail conditions. one more thing Greg the Webmaster has been updating the site the last few days so there is a bunch of new content, so check that out when ya get a chance. Until the next time


Sunday, November 25, 2007


Great Weekend

Hope your Thanksgiving was as awsome as mine. The trip to Eureka went very well and over the weekend we were able to get everything fixed up and orginized at the new place. Mostly thanks to a ton of help from friends. It is amazing what a group of motivated people can accomplish. The Dog yard is completed, all the buildings are cleaned up and orginized and the whole place runs like a well oiled machine. We had 25 people up for the weekend to help break in the new place and we did a great job. Theres nothing like days filled with running dogs, trapping beavers, and just enjoying the Alaskan Bush. The dogs are totally in the zone. We are on sleds with great condtions with the exception of a few bare spots on the road, other then that the trails are awesome. My brother and I made the first run into Rampart and back(60 mile round trip) a few days ago and it went great. All the dogs are looking strong and healthy. My brother had a great time, weather was prefect and I dont think the dogs made him work too hard. It has been great having Nick up to visit. He has been a great help and i think it was a great get away from his reality back in Colorado. I am back in Fairbanks now to drop Nick off and take the final load north. I am really looking forward to getting back and focusing on training for the next month with no distractions. Ill keep ya posted hope all is well in your world. unil the next time


Sunday, November 18, 2007


EUREKA Here we come

Here we go the traler is totally loaded and the dogs aremore then ready to go. They have been watching me pack for the past 2 days and they know something is up. It has been a crazy week but I am ready supplies are all bought and loaded and everything is taken care of in town. I am ready to head North and get back to focusing on the dogs and just surviving. My Brother is in town know and has alrady been a huge help getting things packed for the trip. Iti s great to have him around , and it seems like it will be a great break from his eversday life as well. Tomarrow morning at 700 am we will be off. Molly (dave Monsons handler) will be joining us for the trip up so all told we will have 3 trucks two huge trailers and over 70 dogs. Quite the caravan. There is tons to do at the new place but I have some friend coming up over the thanksgiving break to hang out and help get things settled. this is going to be a ton of fun and help me out alot. I will be back to town on the 25 to drop my brother off and bring the last load north, so look forward to an undate on how the move is going and how the dogs are running.

Until then


Thursday, November 15, 2007


going crazy in town!!!!

Well I am almost ready to head north it has been one hell of a few days in town trying to expidite everything i need forthe next few months. but i am over the hill. Thanks to Joe Hardenbrook I was able to get all my food shopping done in a fast and efficient way. I just picked up another ton of dog food so I am set for dog food now i just have to figure out how to get it all up north. My borther comes tomarrow it will be nice to see him it has been 3 years since i have scene him and the last time was thanksgiving in Alaska as well. Everything is going great with the dogs we have had some crazy run ins with huge logging trucks but have survived so far. Being here and trucking dogs everyday really makes me appreicate how awsome it is to be in Eureka. Better get Back at it i have a semi load of stuff to to fit into a 14 foot trailer!!!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Being WIld and Free

Back from the north for one last 6 day stint to get things together and close down here. Everything is going great with the exception of some four wheeler issues that were resolverd by just switching to a sled. YES I am on a sled with steel runners running 3 teams a day 30 miles. crazy stuff but I can not tell you how awasome it is to be on the sled. It is a ltitle crazy I have to run up all the hills because the metal runners drag on all the rocks then it is hold on for life going down hill. so far so good no injuries or broken sleds. the temps have dropped again but still no snow, hopefully soon. nothing like 9 hours behind a sled everyday for some good training. Everything is set up in Eureka for the move, there is still tons too do but the chains and houses are all set for the dogs. this is going to be one hell of a move and cant wait to get up there too stay. the focus is amazing in both the dogs and myself when we are up there, and with a full season of it ahead we are sure to do some incredible stuff. Well better get going I have a ton of stuff to do while I am in town. Stay tuned


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Back in Fairbanks

Kyla, Sigrid the Dogs and I all made the trip back to fairbanks today. Had a great trip back with perfect weather although I would of gladly driven back in a snow storm. We are in bad need of snow running dogs on the four wheeler is getting really old. But on the other hand the dogs are doing great all 26 in training are looking strong and pulliung hard we have been running 20 miles almost every day and after a few days of rest while I am back here in fairbanks getting supplies together we will bump it up a bite. The place is coming along great in Eureka just a few more dog houses and chains to get ready and we will be all set to make the move. I will be heading back up therefor a few days on the 9th to finish that stuff up and then I iwll be in town until the 18 when we pull the hook the last time in Fairbanks, cant wait for that day. Until then I ma a full time expeditor. well better get to bed I have a long day of running around town tomarrow. have a great day '



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