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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Liven the Life

What a great feeling to get back to Eureka to stay. This is something i have been dreaming about for years and here I am living in the middle of nowhere focusing on running dogs and surviving. I cant think of a better reality then that. Everything is up and running at the place and working fine. Had a little problem with the hand pump for well but, that is the great thing about living here you just make it work you cant jsut go to town to buy parts or a new one you just fix it with what you have. Luckly I am living at place that has a lifetime worth of accumulation so finding parts is fun. We are in town today to pick up mail and send some emails and then back out to run a team of dogs. All of my camera batteries were totaly dead so I did not get any pics of the place yet but i will get them charged up when I run the Generator to finish up the dog house project. the dogs are all looking healthy and strong on the 60 mile run to Rampart. I am going there 5 days a week know it is a great run but that gravel for the first 5 miles is killing the sled runners. I am going to try and build a sled for under the sled to go up over that gravel part, we will see how that works. it could be a little sketchy but I have to try. Had some crazy runs the other day trying out some new trails. Learned once again that i should not be going down new trails with a crazy 12 dog team, it was a wild ride survived for the most part a few bruses but that comes with the territory. So as you can read here I ma having the time of my life, hope all is well in your corner of the world. until next time


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