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Friday, May 21, 2010


Quick Update

Hello all its been a long time! The move back to town was a major culture shock, I went into full on work mode the day after I got back. I had to get everything with my Job doing Dog tours at Trail Breaker Kennel set. Kyla came back from vacation and started working full time at TBK and I moved all of my dogs there as well. It was a hard decision but with Kyla there the dogs are well taken care of when I am not around and it also gives me a bite more freedom with my work schedule. SInce I got back from Eureka I have signed 3 complete cabin jobs, at least 3 solid remodel jobs and have been out in the bush for 2 camp setups with My buddy Josh (Horst Expediting and Remote Operations). We started with a 10 person camp in Umait, AK and Just got back from a 4 day job in the Brooks Range setting up a camp for Goldrich Mining. It was an awesome job we had 4 clear sunny days and set up a camp with twelve weather port tents fully furnished with oil drip stoves and a full service shower and kitchen tent. it was great working with Josh and Mike Ellis we really got in the grove and accomplished alot in the 4 days we were there. Not to mention we were surrounded by the peaks of the Brooks Range!! Now I am back and ordered the floor systems for 2 cabins and am in full swing tour season at TBK. I am a busy man, and wouldnt have it any other way!! As for the dogs... they are great the pups are huge and looking better and better everyday. I have really high hopes for my Redington/SIlver Breeding I did last spring. Scroggie and Braeburn are like little SIlvers their attitude is amazing, I cant wait to get them into harness again in the fall. The 5 month old Mackey/ Silver Pups.. Well there are no words to discribe how excited I am about them. The six males Cobolt, Zinc, Mercery, Nickel, Carbon and Copper are all spitting images of Silver, with that great Mackey look mixed in. Their attitudes are amazing, they have the best coat you could as for and they are going to be perfect in size. I think they will average 55-60 pounds. the future is bright. WE also have two more Silver litters on the way. Madonna and Jerry are both due in a couple weeks, I cant wait to see the next generation of SIlvers pups hit the ground. I am also looking to pick up a few dogs for the 2011 race season and hope to have me running a compedetive team of my steady veterans and some new additions, and Kyla running a puppy team in every race this season!! On that note i better get back to work, gotta pay for all of this adventure. Thanks for checking in and thanks to my sisiter Melissa for getting on me to post an update. I am going to try my best to post on a more regular basis as the summer unfolds.
As always... Running WIld and Free



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