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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Summer Update!!

Happy Summer Solstice!! Here in Fairbanks this is a big day we almost have 24 hours of light and its the middle of the Fairbanks summer. For me it is a turning point. Now instead of gaining light every day we will be losing it. We are now on our way towards winter and I am EXCITED. The summer has been crazy as it always seems to be. IN May we completed our move to Trail breaker Kennel for the summer and the dogs have seattled right in. Kyla is doing great and is enjoying living with the dogs year around. With 35 pups on the ground we have or hands full but with everyday there is more potential in all of them and that is very exciting. The Pic to the right is Madonna with her 9, three week old pups. I have been keeping myself busy doing lots of sled dog presentations and building cabins. Getting close to completing the first cabin and the floor is built and the logs are pealed for the second one. but those are going to be put on hold because I am heading North again to set up a another camp with HERO. We will fly 300 miles north of Fairbanks for 6 days to set up a 20 man camp on the south slopes of the Brooks Range. I am totally stoked to get out of town and be making money! It will also help me come back to town with a new motivation to do the shows and finish up the cabins.
The dogs are all doing great the pups from last summer are growing fast and shwoing tones of potential! But probably the most exciting event of the summer is the purchase of some new dogs from Lance Mackey. Yup the champ has really set me up with some nice dogs to round out my team for this year and for many years to come. When all was said and done I got 5 young adult males and 1 female with 5 pups. It is very exciting and definetly the biggest investment in dogs for Wild and Free. I am fired up for the upcoming season. With the additions of the new Mackey dogs to my strong team of veterans I am going to be bringing the strongest team I have every had to the start line this year. This also means that Kyla will be running the pups in at least 2 mid-distance races and in a perfect world, The Quest! So as you can see I am ready for the snow to fall... well I guess i need a few more months to pad the bank account a bit but come Sept Eureka will be calling and another Wild and Free Season will take off. thanks so much for checking in and stay tuned as the summer goes on there is sure to be more excitement coming out of the WIld and Free Camp. Stay tuned for pics and videos of the new pups as well as from the upcoming trip. Also check out my facebook page for more pics and updates.
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