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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hello All

WE DID IT. me and the dogs crossed the line around 730 pm on the 23 feeling great. Sorry about the site there was a issue with the web host and they shut down the site but we are back stay tuned for kens rap up photos and clossing words. this has been one hell of an adventure one i will never forget. It was a great tet for both me and the dogs and i feel like we gave it our all. itis still hard to believe those guys (the Dogs) ran 1000 miles they have one hell of a proud dad. Please stay tuned for more pics videos and stories from the race. also anyone in AK Ken and i are going to do a narrirated slide show sometime in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that. Thanks to all of you that followed me along the way it was great to have all of the support. the loss of Melville was one of the hardest things i have ever went through buyt his spirit lived on through the dog and I all the way to the finish and will forever. Melville died doing what he loved best I am sure of that. thanks again

Brent and the finishing crew Busta (MVP) Modanna (Co MVP) Ling Ling, Pixie, Ross, York, Thunder, Taco

Saturday, February 10, 2007



Hello to all of my Great Sponsors and Fans

Well it is go time in just four short hours I will be pulling the hook to start my 1000 mile trek and I cant wait. All of the hard work the dogs and I have put in all season is about to pay off. Loading the dogs up to come into town today I can tell they know what is going on and they are excited. I have to thank all of you for all of your support along the way none of this would be possible without you. please stay tuned to the site for updates Ken and Zack will be there to catch the action along the way. Off the the races for me thanks again

Brent Silver Modanna Ling Ling Pixie Ross York Busta Gene Taco Rocky Vorlox Thunder
The Dude Melville

Monday, February 5, 2007


Well here we go the dogs all checked out great at the Vet Check yesterday and we are just about packed for Whitehorse. Exciting stuff I really wish that i could be pulling the hook tomarrow morning but i guess I have to wait 5 more days. I really have to thank a ton of people for helping me get all of this last minute stuff done it has been a crazy week, You all know who you are. Well Just in case I dont get to post anything in Whitehorse- Thanks for all of the support with out Sponsors and fans like you guys this would not be possible. Make sure you stay tuned to the site, there will be daily updates from Ken and my Dad out on the trail. See ya all in FAIRBANKS.



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