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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Being WIld and Free

Back from the north for one last 6 day stint to get things together and close down here. Everything is going great with the exception of some four wheeler issues that were resolverd by just switching to a sled. YES I am on a sled with steel runners running 3 teams a day 30 miles. crazy stuff but I can not tell you how awasome it is to be on the sled. It is a ltitle crazy I have to run up all the hills because the metal runners drag on all the rocks then it is hold on for life going down hill. so far so good no injuries or broken sleds. the temps have dropped again but still no snow, hopefully soon. nothing like 9 hours behind a sled everyday for some good training. Everything is set up in Eureka for the move, there is still tons too do but the chains and houses are all set for the dogs. this is going to be one hell of a move and cant wait to get up there too stay. the focus is amazing in both the dogs and myself when we are up there, and with a full season of it ahead we are sure to do some incredible stuff. Well better get going I have a ton of stuff to do while I am in town. Stay tuned


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