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Monday, June 23, 2008


Iditarod 2009

Well its Official we are signed up for the 2009 Iditarod. just faxed in my entry paperwork and Payed my 4000 dollars to enter the 2009 race. Very Exciting stuff. My entry will not be official on the Iditarod site until June 28, the first day to sign up, but I will not be able to go to Wasilla for the official sign up so I sent my stuff in early to make sure I get a spot. They are only excepting 100 entrants this year and are expecting 60-70 to sign up on the 28th in person so it was important to get it in asap. Sign up for the Quest is Aug 5th and I plan on being he first person for the 3rd year in a row to sign up. once that is done the stage is set for one hell of a season. the summer tours are going well over at Trail Breaker Kennel we had 170 people out today for our show, the biggest day of the season so far. The dogs are all doing great i have been getting out most nights with the mountain bike training leaders and young dogs which has been great, just like the sled in the winter time as soon as I touch the bike the yard goes crazy with excitement. Cant wait for snow. Now that summer solstice is behind us we are on our way back towards winter. I know that is a crazy thought but I am excited, although I am not quit ready yet, I have alot to do before then. Hope the summer is going well for all of you, stay tuned as the summer progresses and we continue to prepare for the epic season ahead. Thanks for stopping by


Monday, June 9, 2008


Summer In Full Swing

WOW how time flies, it seems like just yesterday I was pulling out of the Brooks Range and here we are in the second week of June. The summer is going well I am working at Trail Breaker Kennel with David Monson doing everything you can imagine, from building dog houses to dinner presentations about Dog Mushing. I love it, keeps me busy while a the same time I am able to really promote Wild and Free. As it says on the front page of the site I am planning on signing up for both the Quest and Iditarod this year. My focus will still be on the Quest but I have some young dogs that I think would be great to run in the Iditarod, and I am excited to see the Iditarod trail as well. The dogs are all doing well, I have 36 dogs at the moment and everyone is looking happy and healthy. I have been running them with my mountain bike every night and they look very strong. I am especially excited about my younger dogs, they are showing alot of potential. Please stay tuned to the site it is sure to be an exciting season. thanks for stopping by



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