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Monday, November 30, 2009



The snow just keeps on coming!! We got another couple inches tonight and its still coming down. We are getting spoiled with all of this snow, but Im not complaining it makes for some great trail conditions. Had another epic night of breaking trail with the Alpine tonight and got the trail to Manley in. This is huge because it connects us to another set of trails that are broke in by the people in Manley and Tanana. With this trail in we have over 200 miles of trail in and in great shape, well in my opinion, some would say they are a little crazy but they are just the way we like them. The Dogs are doing great, I currently have 22 dogs in my race training and they are all very strong. We have been doing double 40's and 50's and they are all rolling around in the snow at the end which is always a good sign! Our first race is the Sheep Mountain 150 scheduled for Dec 12 but there is a lack of snow in the area so it is not looking good for that race to happen. Ill keep ya posted on that. Other big news is I finally managed to get the sauna finished! It took some late night motivation but last night we had our first sauna and it was great. I am looking forward to using it on a regular basis. As any of my close friends will attest too, completing the sauna is a huge breakthrough for me. I have been trying to build one for the past five years. I even have a floor built for one at my place in fairbanks, but It just never made it high enough on the priority list until now. With the lack of a shower out here it will be very nice to mix a sauna in between soaks in the hot springs! I have to head to town tomorrow for the day and night to pickup dog food and other supplies, wish me luck, Im hoping for a quick painless trip. Puppy training continued today, their third run was great they are improving everyday. I gave Clyde and Twix a go in leadand they did awesome, cant wait to try the rest of them in front. I will post more videos of them in a few days. In the mean time here are a few views from around camp. Enjoy. Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Puppies in Training

The future stars of Wild and Free have started their harness training and are doing great. the 8 oldest pups have been out 2 times and they are showing lots of potential! The Peak and Silver pups are three weeks younger so we waiting another week before getting them going. It is amazing how quickly they learn and the funny things they do in the process. Here are some videos from the first runs.

heading out now on another 80 mile training run with a stop at the Hoot. Just started snowing!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from The Wild and Free Team. just got back from a great 80 mile run. it was an amazing Morning!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Bustin Trails!!

One of the biggest jobs for us out here in Eureka is keeping in all of our trails. with the large amounts of snow this season I have been busy with the Snowmachine. Breaking trail is a good workout for the dogs but not something you want to do in two feet of snow and on a regular basis, so putting in the trails with the machine is esseintial. Luckly this year I have an Alpine. For those of you who dont know what an Alpine is, an Alpine is an old skidoo that is huge! its 3 feet wide and has only one big ski in the front so you dont get forked around brush and trees on the trail. It is an amazing machine, I could never have put in some of the trails this year with out it, but its a beast, its a constant workout just keeping it on the trail and if you get off and get stuck, you grab the shovel and start digging! For me its a great workout and a good test of patience, I have had some epic trips this season but so far I have made it back in one piece both me and the machine. I have put in over 200 miles of trails this season so far and have two camps set up with tents with wood stoves cook setups to use as stops for resting the dogs. one at a remote hot springs!! Heres a few videos to show ya a little bite about what putting trails in is all about.


Chicken and her 6 BOYS!!



Hello all

Just got back from an awesome double 40 mile run, I took a rest at the hoot had a great soak and a short nap Before hitting the trail again at 6 am this morning this was our first camping run and the dogs look really strong. I dont think Ihave mentioned yet that Chicken, a dog I got from Lance Mackey had pups out of Silver on the 19th of Nov. 6 Males!! CRAZY. they are all looking great and already growing like weeds. Today is a big day Im heading out to harness break the pups in a little while. I know they are totally ready and I cant wait to see how they do and start seeing future stars of Wild and Free! Awesome day here 10 degrees clear and calm. With the addition of 5 new inches of snow yesterday the trails and just about perfect, I am able to set a hook and stop just about anywhere which is really nice. Ok better get some breakfast and head out for some puppy fun. pics and stories from the pups first day in harness to come. thanks for checking in


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


All Hooked UP!!

Well I dont know what this world is coming to, but I am now sitting in my cabin in Eureka on the internet! Very surreal!! We just hooked it all up, this is my first correspondence from the Wild and Free camp!! The combination of a really nice neighbor and the need to keep in better touch with my businesses and all of you we are now all set up with Sat. Internet. What this is means is that I will be updated the blog on a regular basis with videos pics and stories from Eureka!! not only that but I might keep my fingers a while longer since I dont need to be typing on my Iphone on the top of Eureka pass in 40 mph winds and fridged temps!! I guess I am getting a little soft or maybe smarter, Probably both!!! So that is the big news today there is so much to catch up on I will post more tomorrow when I get back from my training run heading out now to do a 4 hour run camp at the springs for 4 hours and then another 4 hour run. the dogs are looking strong and we just got 5 more inches of snow to top of our trails! just what we needed. things are rolling here at the Wild and Free camp and with the addition of the Sat internet you can follow us every step of the way!! thanks for checking in.

Hitting the Trail


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Breaking Trail to Eureka Dome

On Nov 12- 13 Eureka was rocked by a huge snow storm that left almost 4 feet of snow in the high country and 2 plus feet at our camp. our first run of the season on a sled was breaking trail up to the Dome and it was one that I will never forget. We had never encountered this much snow before but it didnt seem to slow them down much. Silver and Walter marched the team right up the mountain going through snow that at times was over there head. As we went up in elevation the snow got deeper and deeper, The dogs effort was truly amazing to witness. Heres some pics and videos from the Adventure. I ma headed back to Eureka first thing in the morning. Theres lots of trail work to do but in a week we will be in paradise with perfectly groomed trails and multiple camps set up along the way to rest the dogs. Cant wait to get back. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more updates from Eureka.



Kyla and Flo Running Dogs

Saturday, November 14, 2009



Well, mother nature gave us what we were asking for, in a big way. We got 2 feet of snow at the cabin and there is 3 plus in the mountains. Totally amazing this is the biggest snow storm Ive scene in my three years in Eureka and it is very exciting. We broke trail to the top of Eureka dome yesterday, or I should say Silver and Walter broke trail, and did and amazing job, considering the snow was over Walters head!! Because of the snow I made a quick run to town to get some supplies and pick up a snowmachine that I can break all the trails in with. This is a big plus for training and most importantly gets me off the fourwheeler and on a sled!! Here are a few pics I will be posting some more videos and pics of the snow storm tonight.

Rushing around town..... Get me out of here!


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Eureka Update!

We are doing great!! Things are rolling right along!! So Im finally going to do it. Starting today I am going to start updating the blog with videos of what we are up too. so here ya go enjoy!


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