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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Back from the Whites and off to Fort Yukon

We are back from a week in the whites and it was awesome!! We had prefect weather and the dogs were great!! I am now packing for the Yukon flats 300 race that starts tomorrow in Circle. I gotta run this quick turn around is a bite crazy. stay tuned to the site for race updates. thanks for stopping in


Monday, March 23, 2009


White Mountains

In the morning we are off for the white mountains to enjoy the amazing spring we are having. A group of close friends have reserved 4 different cabins that we will hop between throughout the week. It is going to be a total blast all together we have 4 dog teams 4 skjorers and a snowmachine so we have all the basis covered. Ill be back on the 29 then I have two days to get ready for the Yukon Flats 300 which starts on April First in Circle, AK. I am really excited and after a week in the Whites the dogs are going to be in great shape for the last race of the season. I better get to bed. I have a new promo video a friend of mine made, check it out on Youtube have a good one.

if this doesnt work just search my name. its called Brent Sass musher Profile

make sure to watch it in HD


Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Hello all sorry I have not been around much. but it is spring in Alaska and it is hard to get myself in front of the computer and when I am I am totally engulfed in the Crazy Iditarod this year. Wish I was out there it was my kind if race with all the bad weather. Our race went well this weekend the weather was perfect and it was a great test for some young dogs and some recovering for injury. We finished 5th overall. I am off again tomorrow for a short 60 mile trip then back for a few days and off for a week in the white mountains. This is where some of my fist mushing adventures took place and I havent been out there in years so I am really excited. It will be a great trip to figure out my top ten dogs to take to the last race of the season, the Yukon Flats 300. It is the first running of the race and it is sure to be very exciting. I will keep you posted as the race draws near. thanks for stopping in


Friday, March 13, 2009


Chatanika Challenge 200

Well on a last minute decision we have enter the Chatanika 200. I have been so obsessed with the Iditarod I figured it would be good to get out on the trail again and away from the computer for awhile. So tomorrow at noon I will set off on a little adventure through the interior of Alaska. I drew bib Number 1 tonight so i will be the first one out of the chute, I am excited and cant wait to get back out on the trail. the last week has been very busy I had a guide and Cameraman from the UK here to start making plans to start guiding mushing trips in the future. they came over to go over trip details and get a bunch of marketing material. the visit went very well and I am looking forward setting up the trip in the future. I better get to bed we have to get up early to get to the start. Look for updates on the site and at

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Friday, March 6, 2009



WOW we are getting dumped on!!! In the last few days we have gotten over a foot of snow here in fairbanks. It is truly a winter wonderland around Brentwood. It has made my transition back to the real world allot easier. We went out to Eureka a few days ago to get it cleaned up and ready for summer and found 2 feet of new snow. It was amazing with all the new snow and after being gone from there for over a month I realized just how much I missed it. Eureka is the place for me, now i just have to figure out how to live out there year around. sounds like a good goal, add that one to the list!! It s never without Adventure, we did get stuck in the driveway for two hours trying to get out to go home and then drove back in a snow storm only to find 8 new inches of snow here in Fairbanks, but just as i was prepared to get stuck in my other Driveway my buddy Greg Shows up and plows all of my roads and driveways. Amazing couldnt do it with out support like that.
So here I am back in Fairbanks attempting to organize my life!! So far it is going well I have the old TO DO LIST down and have the first draft of the new one just about ready for print!! My mission to find good homes for some dogs is going very well. IN the past 5 days I have found awesome home for 13 dogs. 7 of which went together as one team and all the others to good friends of mine. This is Huge!! I am trying to get down to my core 25 race dogs so that I can make room for the pups on the way. I have made my decisions for my breeding this season and it is extremely exciting. I am really looking forward to raising and training a full set of 16 dogs from 3 different litters for a future race team. I have got some great genetics to mix with what i have created over the last 5 years to make what I believe will be a champion dog team. So between my existing dog team that still has 3 more great years on them and this new group of pups we are going to have a very exciting 2009-2010 season. So stay tuned! I better get back to that TO DO LIST. Enjoy your day

B and the Gang


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