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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Bustin Trails!!

One of the biggest jobs for us out here in Eureka is keeping in all of our trails. with the large amounts of snow this season I have been busy with the Snowmachine. Breaking trail is a good workout for the dogs but not something you want to do in two feet of snow and on a regular basis, so putting in the trails with the machine is esseintial. Luckly this year I have an Alpine. For those of you who dont know what an Alpine is, an Alpine is an old skidoo that is huge! its 3 feet wide and has only one big ski in the front so you dont get forked around brush and trees on the trail. It is an amazing machine, I could never have put in some of the trails this year with out it, but its a beast, its a constant workout just keeping it on the trail and if you get off and get stuck, you grab the shovel and start digging! For me its a great workout and a good test of patience, I have had some epic trips this season but so far I have made it back in one piece both me and the machine. I have put in over 200 miles of trails this season so far and have two camps set up with tents with wood stoves cook setups to use as stops for resting the dogs. one at a remote hot springs!! Heres a few videos to show ya a little bite about what putting trails in is all about.

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