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Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Hello all

Just got back from an awesome double 40 mile run, I took a rest at the hoot had a great soak and a short nap Before hitting the trail again at 6 am this morning this was our first camping run and the dogs look really strong. I dont think Ihave mentioned yet that Chicken, a dog I got from Lance Mackey had pups out of Silver on the 19th of Nov. 6 Males!! CRAZY. they are all looking great and already growing like weeds. Today is a big day Im heading out to harness break the pups in a little while. I know they are totally ready and I cant wait to see how they do and start seeing future stars of Wild and Free! Awesome day here 10 degrees clear and calm. With the addition of 5 new inches of snow yesterday the trails and just about perfect, I am able to set a hook and stop just about anywhere which is really nice. Ok better get some breakfast and head out for some puppy fun. pics and stories from the pups first day in harness to come. thanks for checking in


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