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Friday, November 7, 2008




 Thanks for checking in.   Things have been really busy around here trying to get everything packed up to head to Eureka on Sunday.  The trails here in fairbanks have not improved much, we did get a little snow a few days ago but it was not enough to cover up all the hazards.  It will be so nice to get out to Eureka and really let the dogs run.  The rough trails make it really hard for the dogs to get into a rhythm, I constantly have to be on and off the break to make sure we don't get going to fast, and this is getting harder and harder to do everyday.  The dogs are looking strong and need to start going faster and farther and with over 2 feet of snow on the trial out in Eureka we will be able to do that soon.   This fall has been pretty crazy from withdrawing from the Iditarod to the extremely rough trials , it has not been easy,  but through it all the dogs have really shined.  The rough trails have been a good lesson for them and I have been able to really work on commands like easy, relax and whoa.  Because of the rough trail they almost had to listen to these commands, which a usually extremely tough to teach to a dog who's main purpose is to go forward as fast as possible.  I need to keep using these commands so that they will be useful to me throughout the season.  I have also been able to work with allot of new leaders.  With great leaders like Silver, Ling Ling and Madonna, I have been able to train allot of young dogs.  I worked with dogs like The Dude, Walter, Maude who were part of my quest team last year and have proven they have what it takes to be a great leader, and just need some work with commands.   To dogs dogs like Muskrat, Skunk and Ben who are fresh on the scene and showing great potential as future leaders.  So even though it has been a crazy start to the season I am looking forward to continuing my training and very excited about the team of dogs I am going to bring to the start of the Quest this year.  I am still working with the webmaster on getting dogs pics and Bios up, so stay tuned for that so you can put a face to all of these crazy dogs.  Thanks again for checking in and keep those comments coming it motivates me to keep the blog updated!!

Brent and the Wild and Free Hounds

Brent your positive attitude and your ability to convey that in your blog is absolutely inspirational! You and the dogs have gotten off to a tough start this season, but I believe it is all for the good of the team -- it will just make you all stronger and tougher to beat!

I love reading your blog -- having had that wonderful visit with you all in Eureaka last year has made me a die-hard fan of Wild and Free -- you and the dogs! Glad to hear Kyla is back -- she's a gem!

Looking forward to keeping up with your season!

Blessings and prayers to you, Kyla and the fabulous dogs of Wild and Free Mushing!!!

Your Amigos from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Donna and Darryl Grant (Josh's parents)
Hi Brent,

I second what Donna said: your positive attitude and your ability to convey that in your blog is absolutely inspirational!

and that attitude rubs off on the people around you!

I love it when you mention individual dogs. especially now that I really can picture some of them, and even their personalities. Like how The Dude is such a hard worker, but a total love bug who has no problem melting into someone and taking all the belly rubs someone's willing to give.

Do the 3 puppies have names yet?

howls and roos,
-Pat in WA
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