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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wild and Free UPDATE---race season is here!!


I know its been forever.... we have had one wild and crazy ride so far this season but all of our efforts are starting to really pay off.  On Monday the Gin Gin 200 kicked off the race season and Wild and Free represented with two very strong teams.  I won the mens division and was second overall while Kyla guided her team of pups around the course like she and the dogs had been doing it for years!!  the Gin Gin was Kyla and her team of pups first major race and they nailed it!!  With help from her veteran leaders Ling Ling, Madonna and Molly they made it look easy.  I was only able to see them a couple times throughout the race but when I did I saw only positive attitudes and happy faces on both the dogs and the musher!  this was a very new experience for me as well, first logistically getting two teams to the start line and then trying to not only get all my ducks in a row but also be a good coach and mentor to Kyla.  Luckily Kyla made it pretty easy on me and in the end once the race started I was able to focus on my team and have full confidence that Kyla would do a good job.  My race went very well, the Gin Gin is a good test for dogs that are still questions marks and as it always does it separates the good from the great!  Luckily all but one passed with flying colors.  Salsa just couldnt keep up on the 110 mile loop and I ended having to load him in the sled 70 miles into the run just as we headed into the last 40 miles through the hills.  Luckily the team and I rallied and were able to not only pass everyone in the last 40 miles but also gave us an 8 minute lead leaving the last check point to the finish, which in the end was a much needed 8 minutes!!!  more race details to follow.  we just got back home to Eureka tonight and I need to get some sleep before hitting the trail in the morning and then the chain saw in the afternoon!  we need to beef up our woodpile!  Casey did an awesome job back here in Eureka caring for the 100 dogs back here while we were gone.  There is no doubt that this is a team effort and I am very lucky to have the team I have.  First my handlers Kyla and Casey and then all of my friends that make all of this possible.  over Christmas we had my friends Joe, anna jay and Amy up and they made and packaged all of kyla and I's food drop food for the Quest.  the menu is amazing!!!  a big thanks goes out  to them, good food in the Quest is very important to having a successful race.  ok i better get to bed,  ill post more about the race and some pics and videos tomorrow.  check out for race results and video clips from the race.  also checkout this youtube video of my finish Gin Gin Finish thanks for checking in and stay tuned as the race season heats up.  the Copper Basin 300 is just one week away! 

Being Wild and Free


Congratulations on your GinGin 200 win. Looking forward to following your team again this year! Win Wild and Free.

OKT in Nevada
Congrats Brent and Kyla and the whole Wild and Free Team! Great way to start the race season! Looking forward to CB and Yukon Quest!!!
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