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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Living in the Dog Yard... The High Life!

Hello from Eureka!!!  

Ready to go with my New "Dog House" in the background

I guess its been a while since ive been on here!  ever since I got back from California Ive been going non stop!!  The last two weeks has been full of logistics, hauling supplies, building a cabin and of course training dogs.  I think all told I went back and forth from Eureka 4 times, 2 times in and out in one day!  Takes alot of dog food to feed 100 dogs.  In the last week I have hauled out 6000 pounds of Meat and Fat, 600 pounds of fish and 3 tons of Kibble, all of the food, gear and supplies needed for 4 people and the supplies needed to build a new cabin. It was a big push but one that needed to get done!!  I needed the cabin supplies so I could build my own dog house right in the yard with the dogs.  With the addition of our new handler Amy, we needed more room and I wanted to be close to the dogs!  So, I build a nice little 12X12 in the back of the yard and now have a great view of every dog and the stars in the sky from my BED, its awesome!  So to say the least its been a crazy couple of weeks, when you combine trucking and cabin building with running 27 dogs 30 miles each day, you better really love what your doing... and I defiantly do!  The result of all of that is that I am now here in Eureka with dog food and human supplies for nearly two months, a warm cabin to live in and nothing but running dogs and surviving to do!  
          We are in the groove around here running 5 plus teams a day between the TBK dogs and our two race teams.  Kylas team of young pups are doing awesome I ran them a few days ago, Just hooked up 14 pups all under 18 months old and went on 15 mile run and for most of it I thought I was driving a full team of veterans!!  They are looking strong and very eager. GO KYLA!   Casey has been doing a great job running and taking care of the TBK dogs as well as helping Kyla, and with the addition of our new handler Amy he will getting some much needed help.  Casey's been doing double time the last two months and has done an awesome job for a veteran handler let alone a rookie.   Amy is going into her 3rd day and is settling right in.  Just getting to know 100 dogs names is a big job.  She will be helping Casey with the puppies and TBK dogs and also helping me with my team at times.   As for my team... well Amazing is all I can say, the team is looking solid I am way ahead of where I have been in the past and the dogs are showing it. The addition of the new dogs has really been motivating my veterans and young dogs and together they are a force.   I cant wait to get out of bed everyday and get out there and train this awesome group of dogs.  It would be nice if we had a little more snow,  we are still running with Fourwheelers, and 60 miles a day on a fourwheeler is not nearly as much fun as a sled!   We do have about 4-6 inches of snow but not enough to be safe on a sled yet. Thankfully it does feel like winter and there is snow in the forecast!  So we are praying for snow running dogs, cutting firewood and loving life here in Eureka!  Back to the Dogs!!  
Thanks for checking in 

Being Wild and Free 
B and the gang 

Living in the dog yard? You're starting to sound like Gary Paulsen when he lived in Minnesota :)
Thanks for the awesome update! I love knowing what you are all doing out there in Eureka!!! Living in the dog yard sounds perfect for you!
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