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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wild and Free Update

Hello all!!

Life in Eureka is in full Swing, Casey and Kyla are doing an awesome job taking care of all of Kyla's race team plus all of the Trail Breaker Kennel Dogs.  My team is looking better then ever and the addition of a few more really talented dogs has me extremely fired up!  temps are finally starting to drop and a little snow has it looking like winter!  Between training dogs we are working on clearing trials, collecting firewood and getting prepared for the newest member of the Wild and Free Team!  Yes I have found a third handler and we are all very excited to add Amy to the team.  She will be arriving at the end of the month and will be a welcome addition to the team.  More on Amy when she arrives and begins her wild and free adventure.  With the addition of Amy we need more room so I have started the construction of a new small sleeping cabin,  the floor is built and i will finish it up when i ma back from Cali.  As for me I have been working hard to get all the logistics set for the season, so by the end of Oct. I can be in Eureka to stay for two months of uninterupted training.  But right now I am sitting in the Anchorage airport, getting ready to get on a plane to California!  Ya seems crazy to me as well but, it was time to go visit my brother and his Wife Emily.  California is a world away from Eureka, this morning I was in the Middle of Alaska and tomorrow I will be in Los Angeles!  can anyone say culture SHOCK, not to mention the 60 degree temperature swing.  OK their loading the plane,  thanks for checking in.  O and check out the new and improved Dog section of the website.  We have launched the 2010-11 Dog sponsorship program so go the "The Dogs" tab to meet the team and help support Wild and Frees 2010-11 race season. thanks again for checking in,  Headed to Sunny California,   Cool shot from a night training run!!


Hi Brent,
Looks like the dogs are enjoying the run. Have a great time in Cali with Nick and Emily. Tell them Hi for me. Get some rest because I am sure it will be full speed ahead when you get back.

Love Mom
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