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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Mushing in California!!!

Hello from Cali,
Had a great day here today started out first thing running dogs!  Yes mushing in California! Nick and I went and met up with the Urban Mushing group just a few miles from where Nick lives.  What an awesome scene.  20 plus people, 40 plus dogs all getting fired up about dog mushing in shorts and t-shirts!  Its hard to leave my  dogs and go to a place like California but this morning made it all good.  I got to see a totally different style of mushing, talk to people who are just as fired up about it, and run Dorsey (nicks dog he got last summer from me).  I got my dog talk fix and learned more about what they do and the equipment they use!  It was AWESOME!  the carts and scooters they use are very cool, I will have one of the carts to run my dogs with in Alaska next summer for sure.  Check them out at
From there Nick and I hit up an In and Out Burger, Ralphs and headed up the coast to Santa Barbara where we did an awesome hike, the weather was really foggy and misty but still around 70 degrees, Besides not being able to see more then 40 feet it was sweet!  now we are back here in San Clemente at Nicks place getting prepared to try my hand at Surfing tomorrow.  From what I hear I am going to get by butt kicked, but I am excited to get out there and give it a shot.  This is been an awesome trip in part because of all the good news coming out of Eureka!  Kyla and Casey are taking care of the whole operation and its going great.  They have been running my team as well as Kylas,  and everything is going smoothly, which is a huge relief for me.  I am extremely lucky to have such great handlers!  I am having great time here in Cali, but I will be ready to leave the masses of people and traffic here and get back to my paradise in Eureka!  But not before I give this surfing thing a shot!  Stay tuned for updates on how my adventure goes!  Heres a few pics from a great day!
Dorsey getting a drink at the doggie Fountain 

 Dogs doing what they love to do!
 California Mushing!! 
 Nick and Dorsey 
 Arctis Carts 
Check them out!!
Nick, Dorsey and I enjoying a great hike!

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