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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Eureka is ALIVE!!!!


Wild and Free's 2010 move to Eureka is COMPLETE! The last couple of weeks have been extremely crazy, between finishing up the tour season and our responsibilities at Trail Breaker Kennel in Fairbanks and getting our camp in Eureka prepared for more dogs that it has ever scene, we've had our hands full.  In the end all 108 dogs and 3 humans have made it to Eureka for the season. In total it took 10 trips out here to get the 2 tons of dog food, human food, fuel, sleds, dog gear, racing gear, dogs and people that we need to just get the camp operational. My handlers Kyla and Casey have been Amazing!  While I was finishing work up in town they came out for 5 days and totally overhauled the place. There was alot to get done to get the camp ready. The crazy fire season we had out here left this place looking like a tornado came through, everything that was against the building got thrown into the middle of the yard, that in it self was a big job.  On top of that they made 30 new dog spots, tightened  all the existing chains, chopped down the jungle that grows up over the summer, created a puppy pens for the 22, 4 month old pups, and just generally opened up the camp.  In the end they got it ready I closed out the season in town and made multiple supply runs, which where made even more fun by tons of truck issues, but in the end we prevailed and made our deadline of Sept 20th! 3 weeks earlier then we have ever been here before! This makes me very happy and excited about the season ahead. Now that we are here there's alot to do to get the place totally up and running for the season. Everyday we are checking stuff off the list! Most exciting about the whole thing is that we are Focused!! that is on the DOGS!!!!!! As much as I am not a huge fan riding on a four wheeler at least Eureka offers the best it can be. Great roads no traffic and cool temps. The weather has been flawless nice and cool in the morning, had 25F this morning, lots of sun with 50's during the day. Perfect fall in AK. So let the games begin!! The Wild and Free team has a huge season ahead. Ill be running my 5th Quest with a more experienced and talented team then I have ever had, Kyla's running her first Quest with a crazy group of pups and all the young pups and Trail Breaker Kennel dogs will be getting trained up for my Spring Expedition in the Brooks Range.  There is no doubt we are on the brink of  another Wild and Free Season. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned.   Now that we are in Eureka and settling in for the season, I will be keeping all of you up to date on the life and times of the Wild and Free. Videos and more pics to come

Being Wild and Free... IN EUREKA, AK!


The Fleet on the way to Eureka.

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