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Monday, January 4, 2010


Stranded IN TOWN!!

Yup thats right I am stranded in town. I am finding out that i would better off stuck in the wilderness somewhere then here in town! There is just too much distraction. But I have no choice my truck brakes went out on the way home from the Gin Gin. then it was the holidays. So after trying my best at -35 degree to figure out the problem, I got it into the shop today and we should know the verdict tomorrow, little scared but doesn't matter I need that truck so I can go down and WIN the Copper Basin. The truck may be broken but the dogs are not!! They are looking strong, we did a great 70 miler out of my place yesterday and they didn't miss a beat! Luckily the trails are nice out of my place here in Fairbanks so I dont have to truck to run dogs. I am so lucky to have Kyla and Flo they are holding down the fort out in Eureka. Which is no easy task with over 60 dogs! I have full confidence in there abilities which takes a huge load off of me. the key to success is good help and Ive got that there is no doubt about it. From Kyla and Flo in Eureka to my whole crew of friends here in Fairbanks that will do anything to help me out. Thanks Everybody, so thats whats going on here in Wild and Free Land. I will post some videos from training here in fairbanks tomorrow and pray for a healthy (not to expensive) truck! thanks for checking in


Don with Monkey Wrench auto is a good guy 907-457-8085. IF you have a place for him to work. No shop overhead = cheaper labor.

Good Luck!
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