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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sponsor a Dog

"The Dogs" section of the website has now been updated and the "Sponsor a Dog"program is a go. There are a couple more updates that need to be done on a couple dogs but done shortly. IF your interested in sponsoring a dog please contact me by email for more info. thanks for your support, Im still surviving in town, we have been getting out on some nice runs but the dogs and I are counting the hours before we leave for the CB300. We are ready. the field is very competitive this year it is going to be a very exciting race to follow. My dad will be handling for me and I ms sure updating the blog when he can but he is going to be alone this year so his number one priority is to get the truck down the trail. Updates on the race can be found at thanks for checking in Ill update before we head south for the race with the starting lineup. Still havnt decided who's going forsure. lots of options. Have to make the decision soon!!


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