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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Keeping it rolling

Hello all

Sorry its been awhile since I last updated. Its been a bit crazy after a pretty rough CB300 I had to put my head down work through some road bumps and press forward. A combination of a the wrong schedule, some slightly injured dogs and some handler issues made for a rough race but, I have worked through those problems and am moving full speed ahead with food drops. Luckly I have the best support crew I could possible have! Because Flo has headed home to Germany, I brought my Buddy Matt out to Eureka to help Kyla on friday, I grabbed all of the meat that Kyla and Flo had cut and prepared and I am now in town for the next week packing up food drops. I owe a big thanks to Flo he came to Wild and Free with a great attitude and work ethic and was a vital part of the team this season. As for me.. I would rather be out in Eureka but logistically it is just to tough to pack the drops and get everything that I need in them out there. Town is good for somethings!! In the end the the CB300 race will be a positive for the team, I ma going into the Quest extremely focused and determined to correct the issues that slowed me down. Thanks for all of your support. I ll be posting some videos and pics of training and food drop packing from Fairbanks.


Looking forward to more posts Brent...go get your quest title!
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