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Friday, July 3, 2009


The Training Begins

A very large part of our training is left up to the older dogs, but not just the race or retired dogs, the video shows how Dorcy who is 4 months old, is making these pups tough. The more exposure to other dogs, the better off the pups will be as the grow up. Socialization with both humans and other dogs is the key to early puppy training. Dorcy shows that she know just how far to go before she really upsets them.
Its way to hot for me and the dogs today, its been 85 and sunny al day. luckily it still cools down here at night. I can't believe we are already into July another month and a half and Ill be training dogs again. I cant wait. Lately I have been watching alot of videos from last season and I am already getting anxious for SNOW!! I know I am crazy but that my life. WILD AND FREE! I finally got my ability to download photos to the blog working so I am going to post fresh puppy photos and updates at least once a week. It is amazing in just a few months the pups will be dogs, and I will be picking out my future leaders. Very Exciting. Thanks for checking in. Have a great 4th of July

B and The Wild and Free furry Four Leggers

**** Scroll down to see picks of the pups!

Love the video! And all the pictures!

Your new store on the Wild and Free web sight ROCKS!!! I just placed an order...
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