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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Growing up

The pups are growing into dogs quickly and it is very exciting to watch. Today on our daily puppy free run we had Rosies, Muskrats and Madonnas pups (11 total) all out running around and it was crazy. They all play very well together, it is a running, tackling and wrestling match that never lets up. Just below the dog yard we have a great spot for them to run around in tall weeds, water and some forest. This is a great area for them to explore new things. All of Rosies pups know their names and listen very well for 8 weeks, Muskrat and Madonnas recognize there names and are close to putting it together. Willow and leer are also around over seeing the excitement, they chime in every now and then and let the pups know who is boss. They are great teachers.
When that craziness is over we get out the Peak pups who are also growing fast and really starting to get around. They are very cute, I can already tell there is allot of Silver in them! On subjects other then pups. Kyla my trusty handler is growing up! She turns 21 Today! I think she is very excited especially since she has been hanging out with a bunch of old folks for the last couple years. So we got a big party planned for tonight, should be allot of fun. Work is going well, I am keeping myself really busy with construction jobs, while my sister Melissa and Metta are doing the show downtown. I really owe them allot for taking this on. It is great to know that the show is going on while I am off making money working on other projects, Summer in Alaska, there is never a dull moment! We are still in the midst of this crazy heat wave, it was over 80 again today. All I dream about is SNOW! but I should not be thinking about that yet, it will be here before we know it. thanks for checking in.


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