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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Flying By

It is hard to believe that we are almost into Aug. Summer has been flying by for me and the busier it gets the faster it goes. At this point I wish there was 36 hours in a day, I might be able to get most stuff done with that much time. NO complaints here though! The busier I am the happier I seem to be! I can tell you one thing 19 puppies takes alot of time but it is one of the most exciting adventures Ive been on. With three of the litters so close in age it has made the training alot of fun they are all within a week or less and are getting along great.
Going on puppy walks with 11 puppies between the age of 7 and 10 weeks is something unexplainable. They all know their names and come a runnin every time they here it, of course there coming because they know there is a reward! Treats are the key to puppy training and these guys are living proof. They listen so well now that it amazes me. It's up to me to continue the training so that they will continue to listen. Peaks litter, the youngest of the four are in a world of their own. There are eight of them that are approaching 7 weeks old and they are crazy!! They have minds of there own and are definitely going to put my puppy training to the test. This is a good thing puppies with lots of drive and determination grow up to be strong sled dogs. On top of their craziness is that they have great genetics. Bringing in the Redington Bloodline is extremely exciting for me and to have it mixed with Silver, makes it hard for me to wait to put these guys into harness and see what they can do. I better get some sleep, hope the pics and video help bring you alittle closer to the Wild and Free puppy world!



Thanks for all the updates and pictures of the puppies. Josh just sent some new pictures of Tobler so I thought I would stop by here and see the rest of the family! What an exciting and busy summer you are having! The days are getting shorter, fall is right around the corner and then SNOW so keep up the good work and get ready for a fabulous season!

Your Amigos, Donna and Darryl
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