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Friday, April 10, 2009


Update from Wild and Free

Hey everybody no i have not dropped off the face of the earth, it is spring in Alaska and the last chance to get out with the dogs so I am taking full advantage before all the white stuff melts away. The Fort Yukon race as amazing, the villages welcomed us with open arms and treated us like gods. It was a flat hard fast trail and the dog did great considering we look like a team of horses compared to the competition. We ended up finishing 4 the out of 8 and got an award for having the Biggest dog. Silver at 75 pounds was b y far the biggest dog in the race and the villagers really took to him, I got a pair of leather mits with fur and some amazing bead work. the prizes giving out were out of this work. For first Dan Kaduce got a hand made pair of Snow shoes, Abby West got a pair of Mukluks and Hugh got an amazing pair of Lynx mits. Over all it was one of the best trails and most well organized races I have been too. I will definitely go back next Year. We hope to double the amount of racers next season. More on that later, I am also working hard on promotion this summer and have started it off by creating a webcam of the dog yard. the link is below so check it out and let me know what you think, This is going to be a busy summer for me along with tourism i am going to be doing some construction work on the side to make some extra money. the big news is that we are having 4 litters of pups so there will be alot of puppy cam throughout the summer. more exciting dog news I just bought two dogs from Lance Mackey and leased a dog from Joee Redington to Breed with Silver. The wheels are turning here at wild and free there is no doubt about that. These are the first dogs i have truly bought it is very exciting. the male i got from Lance ran in his team in the 2008 Quest!! Willy is his name and he is a big long legged sweet dog I cant wait to start working with him and gaining his trust. Peak is the name of the little female i got from Joee it is hilarious to see them next to each other she is about half the size of Silver!! but that's the plan to make silver smaller so we will see what happens, I can hardly wait!! I have one more trip planed for next week when I head to the arctic for one last fling with the dogs to explore new country and hunt caribou. once I am back from that my summer will be in full swing and I will get back to updating regularly, with all the pups on the way I am sure there will be lots to talk about. the 2008-09 season was a total success. all told the dogs and I did 6 races ranging from 100 milers to 1000 milers and put over 5000 miles on the dogs. Even though the Quest did not end like I had planned the Dogs Kyla and I learned more then we ever could of asked to. What doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger and we got allot stronger this season! Another exciting announcement is that Kyla will be back for her third season with Wild and Free next year. The past week Kyla has been showing her mom around Alaska including a trip to Fort Yukon for the race and a short visit to Eureka. I still think her mom thinks she is crazy but she supports her 100 percent!! Kyla flew out this morning for a short visit to California and will be back to work for the summer in Alaska, and the come back on board in Sept. This is awesome news Kyla has really turned herself into a great musher and a vital part of Wild and Free. look for Kyla to be doing some more racing next season. Ok I gotta run tons of packing to do for the arctic trip. Hang in there I will be back in a couple weeks with the Quest story and a full run down of the pups that are on the way. Wild and Free is looking forward to a very exciting Future, I cant wait to see what is around the next bend!!!

Webcam Link

Until the next time

Being Wild and Free



I am soooo very excited for you!
Congrats on tchis season and continue to progress this summer! Hopefully I will be able to visit you sooooon!

Love you and Miss you!

Your sister Melissa!
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