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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sponsor a Dog

Today was another great day in the Caribou Hills, the weather was prefect and the dogs really preformed well. I thought about it alot and think it is safe to say that todays run was the best of the season!!! The dogs were on the top of their game throughout the entire 40 mile run. I am fired up, the dogs are fired up and we are ready to RACE!! We finalized the food drop tonight and are pretty much packed to head to Anchorage tomorrow. We are in Homer at Josh Breger's house for dinner, showers and do some Laundry. YES laundry, Kyla and I are really going all out this time. A big thanks goes out to Josh for his Hospitality. Josh is also going to help with the Handling during the Copper Basin. We are getting taken care of very well here in Homer. Last night we had dinner and a hot tub with our Cousins David and Julie. It was great to see them and the hot tub was great!! Not quite as nice as the hoot but it did the trick!! With the latest updates to the website, I am extremely excited to offer a new sponsorship opportunity. "Sponsor a Dog" is now all set up on the site. Please check out "The Team" tab to see the full roster of dogs in training for the Quest. There are pictures and bios for each dog, along with the Bloodlines and their relations within the Kennel. I think knowing the dogs and putting a face to the name will really add to the excitement of watching our races and progress as the season progresses. It will be a bite of a gamble because there are 24 dogs still in training and only 14 can go on the Quest. The dogs that are more valuable to the team have a higher sponsorship cost but are more likely to make the team. But the young crowd of dogs are really preforming well and have a really good shot of bumping off some of the veterans. It is going to be very tough to make the final cuts, hopefully some dogs shine in the Copper Basin, which will help make the decision of who to pick for the top 14 a little easier. I am going to start posting more info on individual dogs and where they stand in the hunt for the top 14. If your interested in sponsoring a dog please email me directly at Your sponsorship will go to race equipment and expenses for each individual dog. ok the laundry is just about done and we need to get back to the cabin. The race to the start line starts tomorrow. thanks for stopping by

Brent, Kyla and the Wild and Free Gang

Hi Brent,

Thank you so much for posting pics and bios of the dogs!!! It's fun to see their bloodline and relationships spelled out, but it is super fun to read about their individual personalities. We say at the greyhound kennel that all who pass thru the doors are champions, whether or not they ever won, or even raced. Same with all of your guys!

Sounds like you had a fun time in "the south".

You can be sure I will be glued to the Copper Basin site this weekend! Good Luck, Happy Trails, and Waggin' Tails!

Love the pics and bios of the dogs -- I've read them all -- some more than once or twice!!! Great idea to give your fans an opportunity to sponsor a dog -- I'm trying to decide which one...

It's obvious that was a lot of work and your fans appreciate it mucho!

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