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Tuesday, January 13, 2009



After finishing the race just under 24 hours ago I am sitting at the Wolverine lodge fully rested and feeling extremely happy with our run. The dogs were amazing, I worked my butt off and the results are proof of that. Finishing third is my best finish in the Copper Basin (4th in 07, 5th in 08), and close behind two 4 time winners of the Quest in Lance Mackey and Hans Gatt. We were on our game in this race and it gives me great confidence going into the Quest. We didnt win this one but we had a better showing here then we did at the Gin Gin. We kept better pace with the leaders and even had some faster times between checkpoints. the banquet is about to start so I gotta run but I will be back to you soon with the first chapter of Wild and Frees 2009 Copper Basin 300. Kyla and I are headed back to Fairbanks tonight after the Banquet and are going to spend a day there getting supplies together for food drops and then heading HOME to Eureka. Words can not describe how excited I am to get back up there and i know the dogs are ready too, Going to Homer was a gamble that paid off but living out out of the truck for the past two weeks really makes me miss the comforts of Home. Thanks to everyone for checking in and following our progress, its great to get all the emails and comments during and after the race, thanks for your support. Don't forget to check out New Tab "The Team" on the site for pics and bios of all the dogs. Here are the Awards for the 2009 Copper Basin

MVP's- Silver Madonna, Silver was once again on his A game and lead 150 miles. Madonna showed she is fully recovered from her early season injury and is back on the top of her game. She lead for 260 miles. Her and Silver were the driving force in our 120 mile push from Paxson to Wolverine.

Most Consistent- Heckels tugline was tight the entire race. She really proved she has what it takes to be in the Top 14!!

Best Eater- The Dude was always excited to eat, didn't turn down any food the entire Race, and was a great motivator for the rest of the dogs to eat their food.

There will be more on how each dog did coming soon

A big thanks to my handlers Kyla, My Dad and Josh. they did a great Job! Also Doug Vollman for giving us his room to crash in last night and all day today!!

From the Wolverine Lodge


Congrats Brent!!!! Have fun back in Eureka :)

Your Sister
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! from Homer!
Congratulations on a good race.
What fun we had following you and the dogs.
Thank you for sharing them with us last week.
Gods speed on your way home.

Steve, Sadie, Joseph, Celine & Dominic
WELL DONE! You guys are the best and I can't wait to see how you do in the Quest. You are truly an inspiration.

Been following your blog every day from onboard my ship. Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

Hi Brent!

Congratulations! In the past my computer never allowed me to read your blog - it formatted funny. But now I can and I'm loving it!

I really enjoy reading the updates. I feel like I live in Alaska today - wind chill in Indianapolis is below zero.

Take care!
Hi Brent,

I'm generally math-challenged, but when it comes to your races, I "study" the numbers. When I saw your speeds between checkpoints compared to others, I thought "I bet he is doing a lot of running!" I know you look out for ways for you to help the dogs.

I also looked at the race's winners history, and wow, look at the company you're in. Of course, I let Mike know how the race turned out, doing a happy dance with my dogs "they did so good they did so good". Mike, in his eternal Mike-ness just calmly says "well we knew he would".

I hope this comes out right when I type it - you miss the comforts of home in Eureka - I had to laugh. Eureka: no electric, no plumbing, no heat, lots of wood chopping, lots of water hauling, no people....comforts of home?! Way earlier in the season you didn't think you'd make it to Eureka this year....I'm so happy for you that you did.

I have been good and I haven't been hitting your site unless rss feeds tell me there's a new blog entry. But, I put a bunch of hits on the dog bio pages. I love them!!!

Congratulations again, and Happy Gettin'-back-to-Paradise!

howls 'n roos,
Way to go Brent & Team! I've been following you all last year and this year - you have definately caught my eye as an up & coming musher. The dogs have looked great this year - I can't wait to follow you in the Quest. Best of luck - and (as if you need to be told) have fun!!!!

The Lighthouse Guy in Maine
Great run Brent. We can't wait to follow you and your dogs thoughout the Qwest.

Mosher Family
Rock the house dude. Congrats comin' all the way from Iowa.
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