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Friday, January 2, 2009


29 and South Bound

We are on the move!!!! Since I got back from the gin Gin the temps have dropped even more. After making my way back out to Eureka with the temps hovering right around -40 I had some decisions to make. Hunker down in Eureka stuck in the cold snap that is suppose to last over a week and loss ground on my training or head south to warmer weather. After spending a day hauling firewood at -40 and spending two nights with 15+ dogs in the cabin, I woke up on Jan 2 (my 29 B-day) to -45 and realized the only decision was to head south to Homer. So I got on the sat phone called my dad who had arrived in Homer 1 day earlier and said we were loading up and on our way, he has a cabin in the Caribou hills just outside of Homer. I called Josh (AKA the HERO) ask him to start a fire in the cabin. Called Mandy, Matt and Thom to ask of they could take care of 10 more dogs at my place in fairbanks taking that number to 25, Not a small Job. Amazingly, Because I have awesome friends and Family, Kyla and I are now in Fairbanks, unloading dogs and Gear and Loading up to head to Homer tomorrow. With a little help from Horst Expediting and Remote Operations I was able to get my water and fuel on auto Delivery so I dont have to worry about the shed freezing up on Mandy, Matt and Thomun while I am gone. A call to my Friend Gary and we have a great place to train dogs in Chugack on the way down so when we fget to homer we can set up for a nice warm trail on some new trails!!! Ill keep you updated as the adventure continues. South Bound at 6am!!

Brent, Kyla and the Top 22

Happy Birthday Brent,
Come on down Brent and Kyla. Josh Brege and I are getting the snowmachines ready and will check out the trails so all ready when you get here. Will have cabin ready to go.
So much for coming down to Homer to relax after just getting here from Minnesota and Josh from Michigan.
It is cold here a -4 degrees but guess that warm relative to -40 or colder in Fairbanks and Eureka!!
Your cousins David,Julie,and Adi Davis and Girl Scouts are looking for a dog mushing tour.
Very likely will have some good food too!
Better get to bed. See you tomorrow night. b i a
Love Dad
Hi Brent,
Melissa and I called your cell yesterday to wish you a happy birthday. Sounds like you were really busy getting ready to go to Fairbanks. I think that's a great idea to go to Homer to train. Thanks to all of your great friends and family helping you on your journey. Have a safe trip and let me know when you get to Homer.

Love Mom
brent! yea... happy birthday kid!
good call on getting the hell outta hereabouts bro... this is ridiculous.
the ice fog is thick as mollasses in july and yer' shit freezes 'fore ya can pinch 'er off.

any port in the storm, babe!
stay warm
Happy Birthday Brent!

Happy training in Homer, a good warmup for the Copper Basin, yes?

howls 'n roos,
-Pat, Mike, Julia, and Gordo
Happy Birthday, Brent! And a Happy New Year to you and TEAM WILD AND FREE!!! This is your year to shine! Best wishes to all of you!
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