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Monday, December 29, 2008


Wild and Free Gin Gin!!!!

What a race!!! There is so much to say, but we are still in Paxson waiting for the banquet to start. So I'll give ya the full race adventure tommorrow. It was a great race and just proves in adverse conditions we thrive!!! The dogs and I are all good a little frost bite for me but nothing Im not use too. I need to thank Danny and Josh for handling. It was great to have them here when I finished. Also Kyla and Mindy training dogs back in Eureka, and everybody else who helped me get to this point, this is a team effort and I've got a big team!!! Thanks for all the comments I'll be back with the story when I can type on my computer. Signing off with the iphone from Paxson lodge in Paxson AK.

Brent and the Crew being Wild and Free!!!

2008 GinGin 200: Brent Sass 1st Place

-Pat in WA
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