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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Wild and Crazy!!!

Where do I begin 4 days ago when the last blog was written it was 40 below and I was getting charged up!!! Now 4 days later it is blowing 50mph and snowing. To say the least it's been a little hard to stay in touch, typing on the iPhone in these conditions is pretty challenging. But tonight I am cheating I drove the truck out about 6 miles and can get a little reception. It's been crazy the last four days we have put over 180 miles on the dogs and tougth miles. Tonight they ran right into a 40-50 mph head wind for 25 miles and 3 days ago the temps where hovering right around -30 most of the day. I love it and Kyla is quickly learning to. Because if you don't love it you won't survive it!!!! Amongst all the dog training we have a finely oil machine running around the kennel. Everything has it's place and time. Except where and exactly what were doing with the dogs each day. With the crazy weather I have to adjust and do what is right for each condition. It really keeps me on my feet, which is great, spontanity (if that is even a word) is what fuels me!!! On the other side of business things are looking up. After my note to all of you about my finacial status, there has been a huge response and I am still hearing from people. In a week I am going to have a list and thank everyone that has made this possible. I am in the process now of putting together some info to get iphone and AT&T involved. Since they already are a huge part of why this all works I think they should know that there is some crazy guy who lives in the middle of nowhere Alaska, that stays in touch and conducts business with his iPhone from the top of a mountain with a dog team. That's gotta be a run on sentence but I think you get the point. So if anyone out there has any ins with Mac or AT&T put a good word in for Wild and Free!!! So bottom line is we are surging forward the dogs are looking good and with all the support I am getting we are on our way to an awesome 2009 Quest. There is so much more to say but I do need to get going we are done running dogs early tonight and they have the day off tomorrow so that means it is a chore day, pumping and hauling water, cutting hauling and chopping wood training pups writing dog bios are just a few things on the list for tommorrow. The goal is to have a pic and bio for all the dogs in the race team on the site by the end of next week. So you guys know who's out there pulling me down the trail and making this all happen!!! I'm going to leave you with the list of all the dogs in training. Thanks so much for checking in and stay tuned!!!

Here they are the real stars of wild and free in no significant order:

Ling Ling
The Dude



There ya have it my best friends!!!

Until next time

Brent and the gang


Hi Brent,

So glad to hear financial status is improving.

What a fantastic commercial for att: you on the mountaintop with a dog team and an iphone!!!

Hoo-ray for all the dogs, but also - Budget - you spunky wildman - good for you! Molly - good girl! way to go!! Hugs to all the dogs!!

howls 'n roos,
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