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Friday, December 26, 2008


Gin Gin Crew

I was just about ready to leave solo for the Gin Gin when my good buddies Josh and Danny called and said there in. We had been talking about pulling Joshes enclosed trailer down to Paxson rigging it up with a wood stove and using it as our Base for the race in Paxson but it was going to be hard to pull off, but in some last minute manuvers Josh got it all together, we are meeting in an hour to bring heat to the trailer and then the three of us are off to Paxson. So a trip I thought I was going to be a one man show on I now have two very capable handlers. should be a great time. Stay tuned for updates if we can get some internet in Paxson the guys will be updating you as they have info. But check for all the race coverage. Off the the Races

Brent and the Team of Ten

Good Luck Brent!
I've got all my friends rooting for you!
Have a blast :)
Note re update on Gin Gin again. last one didn't work.
Way to go Brent. Started out last and came into Maclearn checkpoint 50 miles later in 3-5 place in men's group. sounds like nasty conditions with high winds and cold. Last update from Gin Gin website and John S. putting on race is conditions are getting better for second leg of 105 miles and wind calming down but very cold.
Go for it Brent give them a run for it!!!
We are following you. We Love you.
Mom,Dad and Melissa
Checking in again. Way to go Brent!
Back in Maclearn checkpoint right with Jeff,Sabestin and Lance.
Get some rest and go for last leg.
We are watching!
way to go brent! keep on 'em!

Way to go Brent. We are all keeping up with the race. Sam is reminiscing about his time at the bar last year when Molly ran. Stay warm, but I think you like this kind of weather.

Our best, The Yazwinskis
Hey Brent,

Kyla and I are over at the Redington's in Manley. Joey Jr. wants to know why you are riding the matt...
way to stay in the top 5!
mindy and the manley crew
Hi Brent,

Jeff, Lance, Sebastian, then YOU! woo-hoo! go! go! go! Good Dogs!

howls 'n roos,
-Pat, Mike, and greyhounds Julia and Gordo
1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WA-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Brent, Silver, Ling ling, The Dude, Walter, Skunk,. Thunder, Budget, Jerry, Ross and Taco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

major howls 'n hugs,
-Pat, Mike, and greyhounds Julia and Gordo
Congradulations!!! Thanks for taking your foot off the mat. It's that good Eureka training. See you when you get back.
Joee and Pam Redington
Hey Brent,
The guy who has something to prove just proved it- not only can you can run with the big boys but you can beat them too!

Glad you had your perfect weather- you lunatic.
Way to go!

Sarah & Tom & Siri
Hi Brent,

Congratulations to you and the dogs! Great Job! I hope you and the dogs are relaxing now. Stay warm!

Love Mom
Great Job Brent! I'm sure it feels good :) Now relax! Talk to you soon!

your sister Melissa
you spanked 'em brent!

Way to go Brent
Looks like you did well and won with some pretty adverse conditions.
Just talked to Brent. He was headed to the banquet for the Gin Gin. He was in good shape with little frostbite to face otherwise fine. Dogs are fine too. Great job.
Nice work brent! We are routing for you here in colorado. Keep up the hard work.
Nick and Emily
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