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Friday, December 12, 2008


5:00 am

it's been a. Wild one I'm six miles from home after a 36 hour run to town. I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep and accomplished most of what needed to get done. If this isn't quest training I don't know what is!!! These runs to town our harder onme then the eight milers on a sled. There is alot going on Wild and free is expanding. I brought 15 dogs to town and my friends mandy and josh are going to be training and running some tours with them. This us a great deal because know Kyle and I can focus on the race dogs and the young pups. As always there is so much more to update but I have to find my bed at least fir a few hours and Kyla is probably wondering were I am . I'll update in a few days. I've only been gone 36 hours but it seems like a week can't wait to be back. Thanks for checking in.
Staying wild and free
Brent and Silver

Hey Silver!

Lead Dog Hero and blogger too. How 'bout that! Keep that big Dude of yours in line!

Tours? tours? we want to hear more!

-Pat in WA
where it's +20 degrees today, and I can legitimately wear my wild and free hat.
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