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Thursday, December 4, 2008


-40 and loving it!!

Had an amazing 60 mile run to Rampart the other day. I left home at -20 and 3 hours later in Rampart it was -40. Crazy, but I had a great time. The cold really gets me excited. The runs always seem to go faster. I think it is because you have to stay totally focused on the dogs and yourself staying warm and frostbite free. So there is no time to loose focus. Either way I know it is a little crazy but I love the -40 days! There is so much more to tell about but I have to get going. We did have productive day on the dogs day off. We pumped and hauled 250 gallons of water, cleaned out and orginized our feed rooms and cabin, cut and split 1/2 cord of wood and gave every dog a good look over. All 40,5-7 at a time in the cabin. A bite crazy but alot of fun. Everyone is looking really good. We have a white board with everyones name and all the info on then from the condition of their feet to there overall wieght. We will be updating as each dogs condition changes and continue to do a hood check of them every week. It is really important to know the current condition of everydog so we can make changes to their training accordingly, To keep everybody ad healthy and happy as possible. They always love a good rub down. Ok I really have to go now. Next time I will get the list of the 26 dogs in training. Thanks for checking in

Brent and the Gang

Keep up the great work. It's exciting to follow along the journey.
Hi Brent,

Ha ha the dogs get a day off but not you guys. When you're rubbing all the dogs down, give them a hug from me.

Thanks for your updates!

howls 'n roos,
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