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Saturday, November 22, 2008


wild and free

hello all

Thanks for all of your comments! It is alot of fun to see all of you following our progress. Sorry it's been so long but it has been crazy here the spot that I get reception at has been extremely windy and I have been freezing my fingers trying to do just the minimal amount of email. But today it is nice about -15 and no wind. The training is going great the weather has been great for tough training and dogs are really excelling. I have to give a big thanks to by buddies josh and thom. They came out and helped run dogs and basically been slaving away at the many projects kyla and I have not gotten too. We collected hauled cut and split a cord of wood, which was key since everything from keeping us warm to feeding the dogs a hot meal depends on. Thom totally orginized the kitchen, Kyla and I are still trying to figure out where everything is but it is very orginized. But best of all they ran dogs and cut my training time in half running all 33 race dogs at one time is awesome. We had a great trip out to hutlinana hot springs with four teams, which is one wild ride. The trail us full of steep down hills and switchbacks, a real challenge for an experienced sled driver. Kyla thom and josh proved they had what it took and had perfect runs. A day later we went and visited the only full time residence of Eureka, Ed and Willow and told them we had went out to the hoot and they were very impressed, it was great to gain some respect from some true Alaskan dog mushers. Ed and Willow homesteaded in eureka 30 years ago and trained dogs with susan butcher rich swenson and other legends of the sport. So getting props from them was pretty cool. The dogs are looking really good we are doing double 30's and 40 mile runs now and the first wave of cuts is this weekend. It will be sad to drop some of them out of the training but it is time to focus on the strongest dogs. There are lots of stand outs this year but at this point The Dude is the man. It is awesome to see this 3 year old excel he was part of my first litter and I have put alot of time and effort into him and it is really paid off. Be is a driving force. Once I make the cuts this week I'll give you the line up of dogs still in training. Thanks again for all your comments and keep them coming. Signing off from the top of eureka dome in Eureka Alaska, staying wild and free!!


Hey Wild and Free Fans,

Be sure to watch the discovery channel's Iditarod series final episode - our favorite musher gets a few seconds of screen time in Nome, while the crowd is waiting for Lance to arrive.

-Pat in WA
Hi Brent,

Wow it sounds like things are really happening in Eureka!

I'm thinking about those 33 wonderful dogs, and even though somebody's got to get cut, they are all amazing athletes. I forget that The Dude is only 3 years old! Keep going Dude!

Mike says Hi too, and, this likely won't surprise you, he isn't happy to hear stories of freezing fingers, but it does tickle his techie bones to hear you get internet in one wild mountaintop spot.

Thank you for your updates - we really look forward to them!!

howls 'n roos,
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