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Monday, November 3, 2008


Tough Decisions

Well the last week has been extremely busy and full of big decisions.  Starting with the Iditarod.  I am not very excited to inform all of you, but after taking a good look at the season ahead and what I was going to be capable of affording, the Iditarod was going to be a stretch.  After many sleepless nights I had to make the decision to withdrawal from the 2009 Iditatrod.  Times are tight and I was not able to make/raise enough money to be able to do both the Quest and the Iditarod.  The last day to withdrawal and get some of my entry fee back was the first of Nov.  So I had to make the decision before then.  I am still trying to get over the decision to withdrawal, but I am confident that I have made the right decision.  My main focus in my career at this point is the Yukon Quest and I need to make sure that I can put 100 percent into the preparation and running of that race, and this decision is the only way that is possible.  So there ya have it, times are a changing here at Wild and Free.  On top of that we have not gotten any new snow here in Fairbanks and it is becoming a problem.  I am running 3 teams 20 miles a day right now on a trail that is totally out of control.  The lack of snow is really making for a very unsafe trail for the dogs, myself and the equipment.  Holloween night I went out and ended up breaking both runners on my sled, 10 miles from home.  This made for a pretty crazy trip home with ten powerful dogs.  So because of this I am in the process of making the move back to Eureka.  I was out there yesterday to pick up a snowmachine and there is over 2 feet of snow, and the trails are perfect.  For those of you who don't know.  Eureka is the homestead of legendary musher Susan Butcher and her husband Dave Monson (who I work for in the summer).  Last season we were out there all season training dogs and had an amazing time.  I was planning on staying in town this season to  make the logistics easier, but with this snow issue there is only one place to be.  On a good note Kyla came last night so things are about to start running allot smoother and more efficient.  So the plan is to spend the next week here in town preparing to head out to Eureka. Ill keep ya posted as plans develop.  Thanks for checking in.


I'm sorry that you had to withdraw from the Iditarod. But best wishes for the training season and I hope that you do great in the Quest.

i love all your videos!~ dryland only 4 me so i can vicariously snow mush w/you...what a great bunch of pups. too bad about dropping out of the big I...we will be rooting for you on the big Q! happy to have found your awesome website and blog. Good Luck~
Hi Brent,

I'm sorry to hear that you decided to withdraw from the Iditarod. When you told me that you were not planning to be in Eureka this winter for training, I felt kind of sad, even though the Iditarod was a great thing. Aside from the magick and legend of the homestead, I remember how last year, you were so thrilled to be able to easily do 50 or 100 miles with the dogs on great snow without having to pack everyone up in the truck to do it. Surely that paid off for you in last year's Quest, and it will pay off again this year. Breaking runners and risking you and the dogs isn't worth it.

I hope it's all going greyt and you are feeling good about your decision.

You know we are behind you all the way!!!

howls and roos,
-Pat and Mike
(and greyhounds Gordo and Julia)
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