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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Quick Update

Hello from Eureka. I have to get going it is hard to stop for too long at the beginning of the run. But I wanted to let everybody know I made it back out to Eureka with all my supplies safely. I first want to say thanks to everyone that responded. It always amazes me to see how msny people are checking in, I am sorry it will take me a bite to get back to you individually but Thank You. We have a long way to go but with your support I am sure we will get there. Kyla and I have been going none stop running the dogs and they are doing great!!! I have been able to make my first round of cuts. It has not been easy but I have to start focusing on the strongest dogs that have the best potential of making my quest team. More on that later. I have been pretty sick but have been pushing through and an finally starting to feel better. Thanks in large part to Kyla, she has really stepped up this year and has proven she has what it takes to be a great musher. She went from training pups and learning how to drive a sled last year to going on back to back 40 mile runs through the night (12 hours total) It really helps our training schedule when we can run 22 race dogs at one time. Ok so much for quick!! There's just to much to tell you all about. I'll be back with more soon. Thanks again and keep those, emails, calls and comments coming.

Brent and the Wild and Free Gang

Go KYLA! What a tough girl.
Yes - way to go Kyla!!

Take good care of yourselves, that's the number one best thing you can do for the dogs! Be well!

howls 'n roos,
-Pat in WA
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