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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Mountain Top Update

Hello all I am writing this with 12 crazy dogs eager to go, on the top of a mountain outside of Eureka. I get reception with my Iphone in this one spot but the wind is blowing 30 MPH and my fingers are going to freeze soon so I'll be brief. Training is going great we are running 30 mile runs on trails full of snow . There are a few areas where the wind has blowen the trail a little thin but nothing serious. The dogs and I are enjoying the nice smooth trail. Life in the bush is paradise for me and the dogs. All I have to think about is running dogs, collecting firewood and hauling water!!! Survival in other words!!! No stresses of town life. I gotta go the dogs just pulled the hook. I'll update more on the 16 when I have to make a town run.


Gotta love the iPhone!!
Hi Brent,

Oh my what a vivid image!

30 mile runs in november, full snow....Aren't you glad you're in paradise again?

Are you still planning on running gin gin and copper basin?

Have fun! Take care!

You and the dogs are never far from our minds! In fact, I'm sitting at my computer, the heat turned off (we are crazy - we like to do that in the morning), and I have my Wild and Free hat on!!

howls and roos,
-Pat and Mike,
greyhounds Gordo and Julia

p.s. the feed button is now working for me - thanks for fixing it!

Your Wild and Free hat has been on national TV twice now! Randy's using it regularly on the football sidelines.
Glad Eureka is working out better for you. It sounds like heaven...cold, but heaven nonetheless! Happy Thanksgiving!
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