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Thursday, October 2, 2008



Sorry its been a while but we are in full swing at Wild and Free, and there is little time for anything but the essentials.   After returning from my brothers wedding I was hit by a storm of things that needed to get done before the snow fell.  One of the most pressing was the Equinox marathon that I had not trained for!!  but I have to say with some moral support and Motivation from my good buddy Tom Douglas we cranked out the marathon like true warriors, me in 4 hours 16 minutes and Tom in 4 hours 17 minutes respectively.  I wont lie to you it was more a mental battle then anything my legs cramped at 8 miles felt like rubber at 12 miles, cramped again at 15, to the point that I had to beat them to keep them from totally locking up, and from that point I just shut off all sensory to my lower half and finished with a smile.  Overall I had a great time,  but you haven't heard the best of it.  I was expecting to have a long painful recovery but instead i just forced myself out into the dog yard the night of the marathon and never let my legs lock up and because of that I was feeling pretty good the next day, So good that I packed up and went on a solo 2 day float of the Chatanika river in search of a the ever popular moose.  That is the true reason I have not had time to update the blog I have been working at home and at TBK, running dogs and hunting for the past 10 days and everything seems to be coming together.  I shot a moose on a float down the Chatanika river this past Sat., my new handler came 2 days ago and productivity has went up around the kennel and I just about have everything wrapped up for the season at TBK.  The best part of all is that the ground is white!!!  We got our first snow last Sat. and it looks like the temps have dropped and are going to stay down, were looking at the possibility of an early snow year!!   As for the dogs they are looking great I am running 3 teams of 12, 7 miles everyday and they are looking good.   The young ones are learning alot and the old dogs are settling in and getting into the swing of things.  Cant wait to see where this team can go!!    More later on the dogs and my new Handler AJ he is a writer in his other life and I ma sure will be updating you from his point of view, so stay tuned for that.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods


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