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Friday, August 29, 2008


Final Push

The Tourism season is coming to an end but it is going out with a bang. We are having full shows and lots of them. This week I did 7 dinner shows, 4 lunch shows and the river boat show twice a day. This makes for some really busy days, but I will say that I am still having fun at every show. Dog training is also going really well. I am still going 2.5 mils 5 days a week. The dogs are all doing really well and getting better as the temperatures are getting cooler and cooler. This morning it was 35 degrees a perfect temp for fall training. Made some huge progress in the dog yard. I had 7 loads of gravel delivered, rented a skid steer and totally overhaul the dog yard. It is amazing. We took out alot of stumps and filled all the holes the yard looking really good and makes feeding and shoveling and generally getting around alot smoother. We are all set for winter in the dog yard. Well not yet, in sept. I am going to have a dog house building party and build 40 new houses, that will be the completion of the dog yard. Until then I am a full time hole filler. I am hoping once the temps drop a little more and we start training farther the desire to dig holes will fade. It is really important to keep them filled until it freezes, so there are not a bunch of holes top fall in once it snows. ok enough about the dog holes. thanks for stopping by, the season is really ramping up to be an exciting one. Hope you'll check back to see how we prepare for both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. Until next time

Happy Trails


Hey Brent,
I tried to email you earlier, but AOL kicked it back. Anyway thanks again for taking time out yesterday to answer my questions about getting my daughter, Teagan, started in mushing. As soon as we settle on a house in the area, we will be looking for a couple good starter dogs for her and her younger sister. Since you're a former Minnesotan also, we'll definately be following you in your upcoming races. Thanks again and good luck! --Tony Mosher
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