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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Purging the System

Its been a rough few days for Kyla, Willow (pet dog) and I, we have all been pretty sick with some nasty flu. But things are looking up after a couple days bed riden we are all feeling better and hopefully will be getting back to a normal day today. New years eve was a great time though. The Douglas’s, Tim, Megan and Jessie were all up for a few days. It had been a while since I had hang out with all of them so it was a great way to ring inthe new year. The dogs have been off for a few days because of my illness but that has been fine, they were due for a couple days off, if I had to get sick this was the time. Just a few more runs before I get things together and head for town and the Copper Basin on the 12th . I am really excited about the race and cant wait to get out there and see all of our training pay off. I will be running all of my questions mark dogs for the quest. As it stands right now I have 11 dogs (baring no injuries) that have made my Quest team. Of the other 11 in training there are about 7 that are competing for the 3 spots left. The Copper Basin is going to be one of the deciding factors in my decision as to who is going to make it. As it stands right now all 7 of those dogs are looking really good, but i think the Copper Basin will give me a better Idea as too who is going to be the best in a race situation. Exciting stuff I cant wait to see what happens. I better get going I cant wait to get back out on the runners after 2 days bed riden. Hope all is well stay tuned things are really going to start heating up.


Brent, Kyla, and Willow,

Sorry to hear you were sick, and am glad you are feeling better.

Take good care of yourselves,

-Pat C
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