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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Headed South

The Race has begun. I sent Kyla and 19 dogs down to Fairbanks with Sigrid Yesterday and I will follow in a few days. I have a couple more runs to do, final packing of my food drops and I will be heading down sometime on the 8th. My dad comes into town othe 10th and then we head for Glennallen. The dogs are looking good. I have picked the 14 that will go down with me to the Copper Basin, I will just have to pick the top 12 on race day. the line up is as follows.

-Silver (L)
-Madonna (L)
-Busta (L)
-Ling Ling (L)
-Rocky (L)
-The Dude (L)
-Rosie (L)

The order is of no significans and the (L) stands for leader. Of these dogs Muade, Walter, Heckel, Vorlox, Willow and Rosie are all fighting for the last 3 spots on the Quest team. Pretty Exciting stuff I am really excited to see how they do. Of these dogs Vorlox is the only one with any race experience and that was half the Quest last year. He was droped due to a shoulder in Dawson. Pixie Thunder and Gangus will all sit out the Copper Basin but have already made the Quest Team. Well there ya have it after months of training that is how it stands, right now, it is definetly subject to change (just ask Kyla) but that is how I see it today. I better run I am in Manley now to do my last long run out of the Redingtons place. Stay tuned the Copper Basin is going to be pretty exciting. The next time I write I will be back in Fairbanks and civilization ( a very scary thought!!!!) Happy Trails


Hi Brent,

Thank you for this exciting post! I love to hear about the dogs!

Pixie (that cutie!) - glad to see she's still in! I hope Vorlox gets to go - but that's only 'cause he's one of the dogs you let me run with last year!

Civilization *is* scary. :)

nits, roos 'n howls,
-Pat C
Hey Brent - Best of luck with the 2008 racing season!
Good to read your updates. It seems so unreal from down here in warm sunny Victoria (BC)...
Sarah Thornton
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