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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Fairbanks Land

Made it back to fairbanks and have not stopped running around yet. although somewhat suprising, everything seems to be in order and we are all set for a early Firday morning departer for Glennallen. It was a bite of a stretch getting all the dogs in place here since when we left here in Oct. we had 8 less chain dogs, but we managed. My friend Greg will be here taking care of the dogs during the race and will be updateing the blog as soon as he hears from my Handlers. Hopefully a couple times a day. So stay tuned here and on the CB300 site for current race standings. The dogs have had a couple days off and are looking happier then ever. Ive got on one last run tomarrow to make my final decision as to who is going. On a little bite of a low note Silver suffered a fairly miner wrist injury and will not be in the CB team, kind of a bummer because the CB is a perfect race for a big powerfull dog liker Silver but ,on the other hand he has tons of miles and is my most experienced dog so missing the race is not that big a deal as far as his training goes, and it will allow me to run another inexperienced dog. This will be a good chance for Ling Ling to Step up if we get into some snowy conditions, I know he has it in him but it would be great to see him in action. So pray for snow!! ok Better run I will post one more update with the full run down of the last run and the starting lineup for the 2008 Copper Basin 300

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