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Monday, December 31, 2007


Fresh Trail

It is amazing how a new trail can really get the dogs fired up again. We trucked to Manley and left out of The Redingtons place the other day and I saw a new life in the dogs. My friend Zack is up right now running with me so we got both teams out on a nice 60 miler. The trail Is really nice for the first 15 miles, after that it gets a little rough but overall the run was a good change of scenery for the dogs. A little more snow and we will be able to go all the way to The village of Tannana. It tried to snow here yesterday, we got a dusting, but that is about it, keep praying for snow. The trail to Rampart is still our best trail the snow just keeps piling up out there. We are headed back to Manley today for 30 mile run before Zack takes off for Fairbanks. thanks to everyone who replyed to my Music request, escpiecally Ryan Walker his 50 gigs of music has totally spiced up my entertainment out there, Especially the Russian Punk!!! Puppy training is also in full swing right now and they are looking good. They are very eger group, it is total pandamonium when hooking them up, it is great to see all the excitment in future race dogs. Kyla is running 6 dog terams everyday and I run with her a few times a week, so they are geting lots of good miles on them. ok gotta run get the dogs loaded. Hope all is well


Hi Brent,

Praying for snow - I lit all my white candles.

nits, roos 'n howls,
-Pat C
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