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Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Well the temps are finally starting to drop making it more like winter around here but we still don't have the snow we need. I can’t really complain I am on a sled. It is a little bite of a chore but I am making it work. The first five miles of my trail is pretty much blown clean so I rigid up one of my toboggan sleds with really thick plastic so it will survive the bare gravel. Then I strap my race sled in it and storm up over the gravel to the top of the mountain (running most of the way) where there is plenty of snow. There I switch sleds and head out into a winter wonderland. It is not ideal but it works and the plastic seems to be holding up pretty good. the dogs are all looking great, I have a few soar muscles due to the hard trail but nothing serious. It is amazing to think that I even made it to the start line last year with a full time job out at Chena. These days I get up around 6am and don't get back into the cabin until after 8pm. right now I am running two teams a day totally about 100 miles. fortunately I have a great handler and the proper setup here to really be efficient. Training like this is not only benefiting the dogs but me as well, I am going to be in really good shape, which is really going to pay off come race time. Besides the normal wear and tear from crashing every now and then I am staying healthy and uninjured, at this point if it doesn't kill me it makes me stronger. Another good thing (hahahah) about his place is the wind it is amazing it blows so hard it shakes the cabin at times. I am not a huge fan of wind but it is great training for me and the dogs and I have to say it is so strong it is impressive and I find myself wanting it to blow harder just to see how hard it can blow. I may change my tune once it drops to -20 but until then it is a great act of nature to witness. Unfortunately my camera quite working so until i can get another one i will not have any pics, I promise I wlll get some posted at some point. ok I better get going the dogs a howling and raring to go. hope all is well in your neck of the woods. until next time


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